About This Site

I have been in the IT industry for a number of years and it never ceases to amaze me how much I still don’t know and the things I discover on a daily basis.  I often find myself thinking “I have solved this before what did I do again”, or “where was that useful article or blog that enabled me to fix that” or “that was good must make a note of that”.

This is why I have created this blog; to document down all the useful bits and pieces I discover along the way in one place.  I don’t concentrate on one particular programming language, or technology, or even specialise in one Operating System I find myself virtually using them all.  I make no apologies for solutions that maybe documented in other places, after all this blog is primarily for me.

I deliberated whether I should even make this public, or whether I should allow comments.  However since I have learned so much from others and self taught myself I want to give something back to the IT community. I hope it proves useful to someone.